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Rooney twisted his ankle in Champions League match against Bayern Munich

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Millions of English fans saw a really concerning scene at the end of the Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United game for the Champions League: Their national team star Wayne Rooney twisted his ankle and fell to the ground in pain.

Now everyone in England awaits for the diagnosis of Manchester United medical team. And Ferguson was cautious about it: "Wayne has obviously hurt his ankle. However, it is too early to say how serious it is. I don't think it's that serious but we'll wait and see."

One of the most concerned persons with this news is England coach Fabio Capello. Rooney is the key player of his team and the main reason why the British are candidates to win World Cup in South Africa.

It's important to remember that Rooney's team face Chelsea on Saturday in a game which could determine the winner of this season of the Premier League.

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