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World Cup Draw: Charlize Theron announced Ireland for Group A in funny stunt

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There are just a few hours left before the Word Cup Groups Draw takes place, and there are already interesting news.

South African famous actress Charlize Theron was smart enough to make an statement in a funny way, during the rehearsal of the 2010 World Cub bir that will take place on Friday.

The famous actress announced "Ireland" as she took the firs ball of the bowl. As we know, the Irish team was eliminated by France in an extremely controversial game that the Bleus won with Thierry Henry's hand ball. What many don't know is that Theron is a big supporter of the Irish squad. What's more, she actually has an Irish boyfriend: Stuart Townsend.

FIFA directors admitted the joke to the press, however, they are a little concerned that she might repeat it at the official draw tomorrow.

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Gallery: Top-Five Moments of the World Cup Qualifiers

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Nº 1: Thierry Henry's hand ball. France reached the final stage and eliminated Ireland in the most controversial match of the last 20 years. He touched the ball with the hand before assisting Gallas, who scored the 1-0 that took France to the World Cup.

Nº 2: The Via Crucis of Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal. Ronaldo suffered many bad injuries during the process, and the last one kept him from playing the last matches that Portugal had to win in order to qualify to South Africa.

Nº 3: Argentina, Maradona and San Palermo. Diego Armando Maradona became the Coach of the Argentinian team and was able to use mega stars such as Agüero, Messi or Higuain. But his team almost fail to reach the World Cup. Only Martin Palermo was able to do miracles in the last games.

Nº 4: The best Spain in history. The spanish team completed a perfect qualification process by winning all the matches. With superb footballers like Casillas, Torres, Fabregas or David Villa, they are the stronger candidates to get the title.

Nº 5: Egypt vs. Algeria. David vs. Goliat. The african champion against the smallest country. In the end, Algeria got the tickets and the team of the pyramids will not be present in South Africa 2010.

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