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Argentina qualify and Maradona blasts acid words against journalists

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Argentina suffered too much to qualify for the World Cup but they finally got their ticket by beating Uruguay in Montevideo. The game score: 1-0.

However, the most polemic moment of this argentinian odissey happened after the match. Diego Armando Maradona, the most talented player in history and now coach of Argentina, said crude phrases against argentinian journalists.

"They can suck it and carry on sucking it," Diego spitted in the press conference after the dramatic triumph. "This is for all Argentines, minus the journalists. I want to thank my footballers for qualifying because they played like men and today they consecrated me as a coach."

"I also want to dedicate this to the whole of Argentina, to my family too, but there is one group who do not deserve this because they have treated me like rubbish. We were careful in this match since there were two results needed, but we won against a great team and achieved our objective."

Many players like Juan Veron and Mascherano didn't want to stand for his words. "Experience told me that sometimes you must be calm and careful" Veron said the next day.

Argentina is not a favorite for the next World Cup. At least not with their current game style (is there a style at all?) but many members of AFA think that this could improve if Maradona leaves his charge.

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