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Ronaldo rejects offer from Italian club Siena

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Brazilian injured footballer Ronaldo Nazario rejected on Wednesday the possibility of playing with the Italian club Siena, whose president offered him the equivalent to 128,000 U.S. per each goal he scored.

Indeed, Ronaldo's manager Fabiano Farah said that "there is not any possibility for Ronaldo to play in the Siena."

According to a public media, Farah admitted that all the world says what they want and all wish to have a name like Ronaldo in their teams, but the player is not interested.

"We thank the interest (of Siena club), but will respect to the Siena, after nine months fighting to recover, Ronaldo can not play in a club that is fighting for not to drop (to second division)," Farah said.

"I'm sure that Ronaldo will start to think about his future after the 'Match against Poverty', a match in benefit of the United Nations," Farah toldthe world.

As we know, the annual Match against Poverty is commanded by Ronaldo and French soccer player Zinedine Zidane, and this year it will take place in the city of Fez, Morocco on Nov. 17.

"This match against Zinadine Zidane marks the return of Ronaldo to the fields, it will be the first step for his definitive return. After that we will start thinking in which club he will play during 2009," Farah claims.

The brazilian super star does not have club since June when his contract with Italian club Milan ended and he has not played since February due to a knee injury.

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